Option 1 : $600.00

Our shortest flight, only 10 minutes in the air. A large circuit incorporating some combat manoeuvres. Allow 10 mins for this experience. Please note this flight is only available at airshows or fly-ins.

Option 2 : $890.00

Basic air combat manoeuvres, a reasonably comfortable flight. Allow 20 mins for this experience

Option 3 : $1300.00

This flight involves more aggressive over the vertical air combat manoeuvres. Experience up to 3 Gs. Allow 30 mins for this experience.

Option 4 : $1600.00

This is our most popular flight which involves flying out over Moreton Bay and Stradbroke Island and the Gold Coast, high G air combat manoeuvres right through the aircrafts flight envelope. Allow 40 mins for this experience

Option 5: $2200.00

This flight takes you over Moreton Bay, north and south Stradbroke Islands and the Gold Coast are the full combat mission with simulated strafing and ground attack, aerobatic and high G manoeuvres. Includes DVD video of entire flight. Allow 1 hour for this experience